Insulation resistance More than 100M
Initial contact resistance(DC2-4V, 1A) Less than 15m
Dielectric Strength
Between non-consecutive terminals
Between each terminal and earth
AC 1,000V
AC 1,500V
Operating speed allowed 0.2mm/sec,~1,000mm/sec
Max,allowed mechanically open and close frequency 600 cycles/min
Shock resistance(without lever) Overall amplitude 1.5mm frequency 10~55Hz
Electrical life 100,000 operations at rated load (max. 20operations/min)
Mechanical life 10,000,000 operations(Max. 200 operations/min)
Operating temperature range -25 ~85 RH 85%(Heat resistance 25 ~150 C)
RATINGS AC 125V 15A, 250V~7.5A
Operating force(of) Maximum
60g 200g
60g 200g
60g 200g
60g 200g
60g 200g
Size of Lever:See attached